Moving day: Some assembly required

NOTE : This piece was originally written on January 4, 2009, and is poted as part of my series about moving to Baltimore.

After five nights of sleeping on a slightly-less-than-comfortable arm chair, I am woken up at 8am by a loud voice from below:

“JAAAAAH-NEEEEE,” Mary-Ann shouted from the little courtyard area below my door. “It’s your aunt and mom, and we’re here with the rest of your FURNEE-TURE!”

Joining mom and Mary-Ann outside were her boyfriend Craig, my Uncle Tom and his son Jordan, 11 (?).

Craig and Tom bring in the bed & dresser; Jordan brings in the nightstand & side tables (that I told my mom I didn’t want). My mom and Mary-Ann bring in some smaller boxes\accessories.

Now for the upstairs, I lost the code to the side door so I had to go around and open it from the inside. Unfortunately, the elevator door on the lower level wouldn’t open so I had to go back up and take the stairs down to open the side door.

I hold the metal door connecting the garage to the main building while Tom and Craig carry in the coffee table and Jordan the box with the TV stand. A minute later, I could hear Tom cursing the elevator (which then closed and went up as normal).

As soon as the furniture was inside the apartment, Tom and Jordan leave. Craig, not being stupid enough to stay behind, quickly jumps into the cab with them. This leaves only my mom, Mary-Ann and I to assemble everything the guys just delivered (the bed, dining room set, and TV stand).

It’s 9am, and now the real fun starts. As long time readers know (should such a creature exist), I have written about the subtle joys of assembling your own furniture before, and frankly my opinion on the subject hasn’t changed.

Three hours later, we break for lunch. The table and both seat frames are assembled; the TV stand is a piece of crap work in progress.

Fortunately for us, it’s the first week of January and Harbor Place is all but closed (except for a select few shops and restaurants. There were no crowds to speak of (okay, none at all) so we could sit anywhere we wanted and took a booth overlooking the water. The view was nice, the food was exceptional and the service was almost sycophantic (we were the ONLY customers there). However, once the bill arrived, it was back to reality and the unfortunate realization that those furniture pieces weren’t going to complete themselves.

By 3pm, the TV stand was fully assembled, and my mom and aunt were ready to make the long drive back to central Pennsylvania. The chairs weren’t quite secured yet, but I can always Indian style.

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