Anthracite Heritage planning

The first planning meeting for this year’s Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts was held last night, and the committee announced several new acts for this year’s event: a juggler, 2 historic re-enactors, a balloonist and a wool spinner.

Okay, so they’re not exactly “A-listers,” but it’s not easy finding available talent for the third weekend in May (better known as Memorial Day). But, I’ll be there and that has to count for something, right?

I’ve been to all previous Heritage Fests, and one thing they have all lacked was something for kids to do. Sure, they had the kids’ art clothesline, and that lowly duck game that St John’s ran, but that was it. Will a balloonist and juggler help in this matter? Maybe… but not for long.

Older kids (teens\tweens) were usually involved with a church\school booth, but others could be seen on the cemetery tours and the criminally under-advertised SCRA [Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance] site tour. Younger kids were basically on their own and typically bored shitless.

Perhaps they should look into setting up a special kids area with games and entertainment. I’m sure there are plenty of groups in our area who could use the money these kinds of endeavors might provide (especially if they buy their prizes through Oriental Trading). Plus it would give parents time to explore the festival on their own accord.


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