The Sun also sets

I cancelled my subscription to The Baltimore Sun yesterday. Not because of the massive lay-offs, the ugly and obviously last minute redesign, but because it was the fifth day this month that I went out to the lobby and my paper wasn’t there.

Seriously, why should I pay to have the paper delivered when I have to go down and buy it from the convenience store on Park\Howard Sts? The best part of this was when the agent on the “customer satisfaction line” had the gall to suggest I give the paper a “second chance.” Apparently, I’ve been reporting missed deliveries for fun and laughs (two of which were never re-delivered, but only one was credited on the bill I was canceling).

The though crossed my mind that maybe someone stole my paper five out of thirteen days, in which case why was it there the other eight? Do they consistently miscount in the distribution center? Do they have such a high rate of turn-over that they have to replace the carrier every few days? It doesn’t matter, as I’m done with giving them “second\third\Fourth\FIFTH” chances.

It also doesn’t help that the paper now has the same type and thickness of The (Sunbury, Pa) Daily Item. But that’s another matter entirely…

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