Contemporary Art

The Contemporary Museum of Art is actually a small gallery space in a large building about a block east of the Walters Art Museum . It reminded me a bit of a gallery showing I reviewed several years ago for The Hurricane.


I walked into the single through the single glass door; a woman sat the reception desk\checkout for the “bookstore” (a small bookshelf next the door with a few titles about modern art).


The first exhibition was called “Hugh Pocock: My Food, My Poo” and consisted of a small barely lit room filled with wooden blocks (representing the title elements) and a series of journal entries hung along high on the gallery wall where the artist described his experience making this show. Pity I couldn’t read them as then I might know what I was looking at.


Their flagship exhibit during my visit was called “Reverse Ark: In the Wake” presented by a SF group called Futurefarmers. The exhibition in progress consisted of oars cut into the walls, a chalkboard and a large circular saw with a variety a logs\boards strewn around the gallery space. It was chaotic and messy, and I wasn’t sure if it was entirely planned that way or if I had walked into a storage area by mistake.


Thus after 4 ½ minutes in the CMA, I left to find my way back to the light rail as light rain began to fall on me.

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