July 4th – part 2

6:12pm – broke down and decided to fight my way into Harbor Place to find something relatively cheap to eat. Food court was packed, and there were no open seats to eat at (open tables, yes; open chairs, no).


7:15pm – finally make my way out of the food court and find a seat at the other Inner Harbor amphitheatre (between the visitors’ center & the science center, and directly behind the “main” stage).


7:169:04pm – band plays behind me, but otherwise nothing exciting to report. I count 25 cops walking up and down the Inner Harbor promenade. I consider asking one of them how to get back into my apartment.


9:05pm – fireworks begin in Dundalk (a town just east just east of Baltimore ), and I finally remember why I actually came to downtown today


9:33pm – fireworks show for Baltimore (“sponsored in part by CricKet Communications”)


9:45pm – fireworks end, people begin making their way out of Inner Harbor , a pre-recorded announcement plays that light rail will run until 11pm.


9:55pm – people are still streaming out of Inner Harbor as if the show ended 2 minutes ago


10:06pm – notice a voice message from my mom (sent at 1:17pm) saying that if I called her back “within the next hour” she could pick me up for the weekend and return me in time for the mgt office to open on Tuesday). The crowd coming off the promenade is still strong as ever (in fact, they’re probably still streaming out of there as you read this)


11:37pm – after being turned away from a number of hotels (it is a holiday weekend after all), I finally find a hotel willing to rent me a room for a somewhat reasonable rate.

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