Random economic updates

I spoke to a career counselor last week; she was friendly, courteous and professional (a welcome change from my previous encounters with her industry) but, sadly, less than helpful (“have you considered health care or education?”).


I’ve had a few job interviews lately, but no job offers. A professor of mine said that a “trained monkey could do retail,” and I guess I’m up against a lot of unemployed monkeys.


I attended Artscape last weekend; it’s a fun little diversion that tries to be all things to all people: part art festival, part craft fair, part kiddie land and part carnival all combined into one weekend long event with varying degrees of ultra-compartmentalized success.


As far as this weekend, my schedule is still open. I need to get out of this apartment, but I don’t have the money to go anywhere (or DO anything once I get there). Ain’t unemployment just grand?

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