Reunions, birthdays and other pressures

Last weekend was the annual Lark family reunion, held this year at Knoebels Amusement Resort just a few miles from Shamokin. Honestly, I didn’t know about it until 2 or 3 days beforehand, but its not like I anything else to do either. There was only one teensy problem:


“Rain. A rumble of thunder or two is possible. High 91. Chance of rain 50%.”


Red or black? Unfortunately, I chose ‘black’ and it didn’t rain or thunder the entire day – not one drop. My whole day was wasted for nothing.


You can probably imagine what the primary topic of conversation was at dinner that night. Naturally, I wasn’t a part of it. In fact, I wasn’t a part of it for the whole hour they waited to take our order. The service was downhill from there, but the food was decent though.


Sunday was the party for my nephew’s first birthday (his actual b-day was Wednesday), and it was held at my brother’s river house. The place was a mess of kids, but “Gampa Dennis” set up an inflatable water slide in his backyard to keep the older kids happy (my niece Katie, “the brave one,” wouldn’t go near it). Cake was served at 3pm, and Luke made a cute mess of himself figuring out how to eat it (if I knew how to post photos to this blog I would).


Monday, the day I came back to Maryland , but it was also when my mom had scheduled me to see the doctor about the chronic pressure in my left ear. I don’t know why doctors have you make appointments just so they can make you sit there in the waiting room for an hour.


“This is one of the biggest walls of wax I’ve ever seen,” the doctor said when looked into my ear.


In fact, it took the nurse 12 shots of water to finally clear the blockage! They also cleared the other ear that by contrast only took about 4 shots to clean. My ears were sore for the next 2 days, but at least I was home if only for the weekend.

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