Red Run Runaround

As I’ve said before, there is a reason this blog is titled “The Adventures of Twiggar” and that is: no matter how much research and planning I do things always seem to go awry. Yesterday was no exception.

Last Friday, I sent out a bunch of resumes on Hotjobs. On Monday, I received my first callback for a job in another state (though the ad specifically listed Baltimore , Md. as one of its branch locations), but the point of this post is the call I received on Wednesday for an interview on Thursday (somewhat short notice).

I ask the woman on the phone exactly where her office was and she told me Owings Mills. Is it near the Metro station, yes, just a 5 minute bus ride “on the opposite side of the mall.”

After she hangs up I start doing my due diligence in preparation for the interview: company profile, map of area, BBB accreditation and so on. After two hours of searching, all I found was a map.

I woke up around 9am yesterday morning so I could print off a new batch of reference sheets (required for the interview), but my printer was not cooperating (putting me at least an hour behind schedule).

I arrived at State Center Metro station at 12:36pm. I buy a day pass using all the money I had on me (two dollars and six quarters), take the escalator downstairs and waited approximately ten minutes for the train to arrive. I found a seat near the back of the crowded subway car and spent the next 20 minutes going over what little I knew about the company and the job I was interviewing for (what isInside Sales” anyway?).

I arrived at Owings Mills station around 1:06pm, and then quickly realized that I had no idea which bus I was supposed to get onto. Besides, I wasn’t about to risk what could be the biggest interview of my life on something as unreliable as a public bus schedule so I took the long way around Painters Mill Rd and onto Red Run Rd past the entrance to the mall.

There are no sidewalks along Red Run Rd which means I’m either dodging errant cars or killing my feet on the uneven terrain (remember, I’m dressed for an interview). I then have to cross Owings Mills Blvd , a major feeder road for 795, just to have Red Run become Red Mills Rd and veer off in the opposite direction of where I’m trying to go.

It’s 1:45pm, and I was watching civilization disappear in front of me. I stop at the last building I could see, a large trailer with the word “INFORMATION” hanging from the side of it.

I go inside, and a woman came out of one of the offices to greet me. I asked her where 300 Red Brook Blvd was and she leads me over to a map of the apartment community under construction behind us. She studies it for a moment and tells me that there apparently is no “ Red Brook Blvd ” in their community.

The folks at the nearby Rite Aid aren’t much help either treating me like a human ping-pong ball bouncing me from one side of the store to the other looking for someone who might be able to help me.

Finally a young woman gave me some rather complicated directions that ultimately lead me to the corporate park on the north side of the mall, and the security guard there sent me to the “other office park” all the way back on Painters Mill Rd.

It was 3:30pm by the time I got back to the sprawling corporate park on Painters Mill Road . It wasn’t in there either. I was now over an hour and a half late for this interview but only a 10 minute walk back to the metro station.

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