Second Saturday (as posted on the third Friday)

 I was going to do this as a full Ignore style column, but damnit my notes completely SUCK (and my head hurts too much to make stuff up).

5:35pm – Arrived at Joe Squared, winner for CP's Best Pizza in Baltimore, where an undisclosed art openning was supposed to open. Place was suprisingly small and crowded (for as early as it is) but I did manage to find a table between the bar and the restroom (glamorous, I know). Service was horrendous, and my "flag" pizza (a single pie cut into thirds – reg cheese, white, and garlic asiago) was nearly unedible. They asked me if I wanted a box, and I told them I refused to carry out food just to throw it out when I got back to my apartment.

6:38pm – Directly across from Joe Squared was a special "grafitti exhibition" wherein the LOF\T gallery had invited several artists to come decorate a 6' x 3' pieces of plywood that were propped up in the sidewalk in front of ther gallery. Their only real audience was two bored 8 year olds, and all the motorists just trying to get onto 83.

6:45pm – Corner of North & Charles, so which way is the party – left or right?

6:54pm – Well, it wasn't left… Soo heading right I find myself at the Hexagon Gallery which was openning a new show that evening. It was a collection of "ink\marker" art, not that it mattered as it was too crowded to get anyway near the art anyway (let alone get out again).

7:02pm – Metro Gallery, which is scheduled to be open for the duration of this neighborhood wide event, is closed.

7:07pm – I stop by just in time to see the end of the infamous Human Foosball game (and yes, its as exciting as it sounds). They had an "announcer" and a drunk looking DJ perched on some scaffolding. Lightng was from a single bulb over the field and from the streetlights outside.
7:15pm – They gave the 8yr olds a couple of markers and let them draw on the back of the plywood. The front is coming along rather well.

7:26pm – Spent 10 minutes in line for a free show just to find our they were charging $15 admission. Sorry, but I don't pay money to get into a free show.

7:29pm – A special performance of some play or another is starting in the theatre next door, but since I'm no longer a paid theatre critic, I decided to head back to my apartment and write up a really good post for my blog – Mission failed (thanks for reading anyway).

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