Thanksgiving Weekend: Part 1

I left the apartment today (Nov 20 th ) at 10:30am, and arrived at the Mount Royal station exactly as the train was pulling up to the station. I was lucky the train waited long enough for me to get on as most operators either don’t see you or they don’t care (“eh, the next one will be along in a few minutes anyway”).


I arrived in Hunt Valley at 11:22am, and headed immediately to the coffee – not that I was thirsty but because it was slightly nippier than I expected (damn you, Weather Channel!). And, I had over a half-hour to fill before my mom and Dorothy would arrive.


The first thing they did when they arrived was to get lunch at the “food court” in Wegmens (though mom did let me put my bags in the back of her van). We got our food and the ladies found the last table on the first level. Sadly, it was only a two-seater which bumped me upstairs where I found another (if slightly smaller) table overlooking the bakery.


We stayed in Wegmens an additional half-hour after we all finished eating (Dorothy can be a very slow eater), and then mom drove over to a nearby nursery to try and find “Battery operated lights on a timer,” which one of the employees she asked said was impossible because timers “can’t run on batteries.”  It was then time to head the rest of the way to Harrisburg . This took a little longer then expected as traffic was surprisingly heavy for a Saturday (especially one a full four days before the holiday).


We got to Harrisburg around 3pm (I can’t remember the exact time), and mom dropped me off at Borders while she and Dorothy went over to the Costco on the other side of the mall. They promised they’d be no more then 40 minutes, but in reality it was more like an hour-and-a-half due largely to “crowds” or something like that.


The first thing they said to me when I entered the van was “pick a place to eat!” Even though it was only 4:30; however, by the time we got to the Old Country Buffet midway across the mall from Borders, it was 5pm (and we weren’t seated for another 10 minutes thereafter).


The rest of the drive home was pretty uneventful. We dropped Dorothy of at her house in Tharptown, and went back in time to watch the shows at 8pm. I guess that’s important to some people.

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