Thanksgiving Weekend: Part 2

Due to circumstances I won’t get into (until the book deal goes through), Thanksgiving dinner was held on the Sunday preceding the actual holiday. I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to show up, but there were 13 people who showed up on relatively short notice to help celebrate the day of Thanksgiving…and, my brother, Ned’s 40 th birthday.


We arrived at my aunt’s house shortly after 12:30pm for an expected eating time of around 3pm. We weren’t the last to arrive as my brother Andy, 38, pulled in with his family nearly a full hour after we did (understandable with four young kids in tow).


We also weren’t the first arrivals either as my Ned, Uncle Tom and my cousin Jordan, 14, were half-watching the end of Poseidon (2006) on TNT, followed by The Patriot. Tom (?) brought a copy of Ice Age 3 for us and mom brought a few tubs of toys for the girls (and Luke!) though she said anyone could play with them if they chose.


As I mentioned above, dinner was to start around 3pm, and it did. The table had just barely enough seats for the grown-ups, which was just as well since the girls had absolutely no interest in eating with all those toys lying about (meaning at least one parent had to stay back and watch them).


The conversation at the grown-up table varied jumping between the economy, swine flu and, of course, the Steelers. There were also updates of various family news and events, none of which I can remember now.


After dinner, it was time to clean up, play outside with the girls, watch the Steelers game on TV… and change Luke’s diaper (okay his mom did that). Then after all that was done, the girls came in for Ned’s birthday cakes (no-one knew who was supposed to bring the cake so…), and once everything was cleaned up it was time to pack up, go home… and prepare for Christmas.

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