5 years since graduation

So, it has been five years since I graduated from the University of Miami, I know because the university’s Office of Alumni Relations has been reminding me every week since last January. Apparently, enough time has elapsed for me to become nostalgic enough to open my checkbook and make a billion dollar donation. Not gonna happen.


I may not be giving them any money, but a little review won’t hurt. Or at least, I hope not.


I began working for Ignore magazine in November of 2004, just before graduating from UM. I had three stories published online but was only sent one check. I have no idea when I was terminated as I was never notified of any change in publication schedule, but my best guess is October of 2007 (last time their blog was updated).


Fortunately, in April of 2005 I began writing press releases for my old scout troop and then for St Johns UCC both out of Shamokin , Pa. In mid-2008, I began working on my application to the M.F.A program for University of Baltimore . I was rejected, but I had spent far too much time working on said project not to go through with the move anyway.


So, now that we’re up to date, where does that leave us? Simple: it doesn’t, just because I haven’t found my niche yet doesn’t mean that my life is over. It just means I have another five years to find myself (the donation may take a bit longer).

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