Yes we Canton: Part 2

It was just 12:15pm, and I was standing in the middle of the park on Broadway St trying to come up with a new game plan for the day. I decided I’d try to find something to eat in Fells Point, but, sadly, I wasn’t in the mood for pizza or bar food so I was basically out of luck.


It’s about 12 blocks from Broadway Market in Fells Point to The Can Company on Boston St. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was starting from the docks on Thames St and that both eastern forks dead-end at the water.  The second time I retraced my steps I took the northern road up Wolfe St until it intersected with Aliceanna St which I could follow all the way to Canton.


Boston isn’t the easiest street to cross. Yes, it has traffic lights, but the one at Aliceanna and Boston Sts never actually turns red. I may have had the pedestrian light, but drivers on Aliceanna had a green arrow – guess who wins that fight.


Having somehow managed to make it to The Can Company alive, but, like the dock at Fells Point, the place was almost deserted. The only restaurants that appeared to be open were Starbucks and Subway so I decided to take follow the road at the complex to O’Donnell Square . Surely they had some place quick to eat.


However, Essex St dead-ends just after it passes Safeway. If I turned left, I was back on Boston St; if I made a slight right (which I mistakenly thought was south) I would end up in O’Donnell Square , right?


…And, that’s how I ended up going six blocks in the wrong direction. But I did manage to find my way there… eventually (and by complete accident).

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