Yes we Canton: Part 3

What differentiates Canton from the rest of the downtown core is a lack of directional signs on its main street. The ones that listed how far you are from various attractions (“Korean Memorial – 3 blocks; O’Donnell Square – 2 blocks”), and if they were there, I completely missed them (like the ones for the Streetcar Museum in Station North).


Anyway, it was after 1pm by the time I finally reached O’Donnell Square , and I stopped at the first non-pub that I could find – a Quiznos on the southwest corner of the square. I sat in the store for about 20 minutes eating my lunch and savoring every second of not being on my feet.


I wish I could tell you more about O’Donnell Square , but, honestly after spending nearly 2 hours trying to get there; I too exhausted to make any more than a rudimentary walkthrough. Not only that, but I spent the entirety of said walkthrough worrying about how I was going to get back to Bolton Hill without my feet revolting against me.


It was also why I didn’t take the time to go the extra 2 blocks south to see the Korean War Memorial near the disastrously incomplete Canton Crossings development now stands. I could see all of those areas later anyway as I’d be returning to the area in the coming weeks on business (i.e. researching a future article).


I made my way back up towards Aliceanna St silently cursing the “NO SURFACE RED LINE ON BOSTON STREET” sign as I passed. I briefly considered stopping at the Starbucks at The Can Company, but I had more important things to think about – like how I was getting across Boston St in one piece.


Once back on Aliceanna St, the walk became much easier and as the street became more and more cobbled I knew I was heading in the right direction. I took a brief rest in the same park I had originally contemplated lunch in only 90 minutes beforehand, and as I sat on the bench overlooking the water I could see the blue canopied (non-free) water taxi pulling into the dock and cursing my own impatience.

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