February snowstorm: Day 2

Mixed precipitation changes to all snow shortly after midnight.


3:17am – Woken up by what sounded like thunder (unusual for a snowstorm). Minimum of 1 foot accumulated with heavy snow and strong winds


7:09am – Sunrise


7:45am – A very narrow path has been cut from the garage to the entrance of the building. Snow continues to fall, but the winds have died down considerably. I cannot gauge total snowfall (only have a 12” ruler) but there is approx 6” of snow on my windowsill in Bolton Hill.


8am – BWI reports 19” at their weather station. The Baltimore Sun reports 15” at their “Weather Deck” in Cockeysville .


9:30am – 1 ½ inches of accumulated snow on the “garage path.”


10:30am – BWI reports 23.6” of snow – making it 3 rd worst snowstorm on record for the city.


11:03am – 24 hour mark – snow still falling, winds have picked up again.


11:58am – Someone starts to dig 3 inches of snow off the walkway to the garage as snow continues to fall\blow around him.


12:06pm – NWS cites report 26” of snow in NW Baltimore City.


12:15pm – “Weather Advisory” at The Weather Channel officially expires as the storm is predicted to begin to slowly taper off by 4pm.


2:21pm – 8” of snow piled up on my windowsill. Snow has let up slightly, but strong\gusty winds have not.


4pm – Snowfall and wind expected to end (with intermittent flurries through 8pm).

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