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First day of Spring

I left the apartment sometime around noon and caught the 12:38 Metro to Shot Tower-Marketplace. I got off the train and got a quick lunch at the McDonalds at Port Discovery (seriously, there was absolutely no line, a first for that location).


While it is a gorgeous day to be outside, I had actually come downtown to run some errands. I checked out of the Office Depot on President Street around 1pm (BTW that store is a LOT bigger than it looks from the outside), and made my way to the Barnes & Noble at Power Plant to get an iced coffee before fighting my way over to Harbor Place. I was trying to find a sweatshirt, but they were having a huge sale on them and only had small\mediums left L.


Just three weeks ago, I could sit in the amphitheatre and see nothing but water and pavement from the Aquarium to the Science Center . Today, I couldn’t get anywhere near said amphitheatre because of the crowds. Maybe I should have gone to the zoo instead.


I ponder that thought as I head through panhandler village or whatever that concrete monstrosity is between Harbor Place and Camden Yards. At least two people asked me for change on the way to the light rail station, and I have no idea what the crazy guy with the megaphone wanted (but boy was he aggressive about it).


My destination was the Maryland Historical Society Museum in Mount Vernon . It doesn’t look that bad from the outside, but than the sign on Monument directs you around the corner where their entire campus comes into view. I go to pay the $4 admission price, but when I open my wallet there’re only $3. I go to leave, but the man behind the counter agreed to take what I had (cash strapped museums take whatever money they can get).


Unfortunately, the exhibit I was planning to see was being used for a private function, but I was welcome to wander around the rest of the 2 building’s exhibits. I won’t bore you with details (as I hope to post a more detailed review later), but it was a generally appealing experience as history museums go (a bit short on “interactives” but otherwise interesting).


I spent almost 90 min in the MdHS, and I still didn’t see everything they had on display (I didn’t go into the “library\archives” building at all). At the end of the visit, I was simply too tired to care about quilting traditions, 18-19 th century toys or antique silver collections. It was almost 4pm, and I was ready for the short train ride back to my apartment.

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