For Want of a sidewalk – Part 1

I left the apartment at 9:45am and stopped at the convenience store on the ground floor of Sutton Place (all I had on me were two $20s) before rushing off to catch the Metro for my appointment at noon. I get to the fare machine and am elated that it takes the crinkly $5 the shopkeeper gave me. I collected my change and head downstairs.


I catch the 10:07am “westbound” train to Owings Mills and arrive at said terminus in time to catch the 056 bus to Glyndon. I had no idea where I was supposed to get off at so I asked another passenger and she told me to listen for the announcement just as the pre-recorded stop name came on. She also said I’d have to get off the bus at the next stop as the driver would not allow me to ride all the way around again.


I get off the bus and call the office to say that I may be running late. The receptionist thanked me and told me that she’d pass it along to her boss. I hang up and wait 20 minutes for the next bus to arrive. Not only was the driver the same, but so were some of the passengers – absolutely NOTHING awkward about that.


She calls out the stop and I dutifully get off, look at my directions: “head SW on Reistertown Rd , turn left on Groff Lane .” I look around and see nothing resembling an intersection in the immediate area (just a Texaco a block or so back) so I follow the directions as I had written. Most of the road had no sidewalk so I either walking along the edge of the road or on the uneven berm – in dress shoes no less.


When I got to Painters Mill Rd , I knew I had somehow missed my turn, but since I could see the Metro garage ahead of me at the bottom of the hill, I called the cab company to arrange for a pick-up. Except, I didn’t have any taxi services listed in my phone so I dialed directory assistance, and they connected me to Yellow Cab which irritably told me that they were “city only.”


Just then I see a yellow cab turn into the pick-up lane of Metro station so I hung up and chased after said cab (as fast as one could run on uneven terrain while wearing dress shoes).


It turns out there was a line of about a dozen Middle Eastern men milling around the median near their respective cabs. I take the first one who offered and was elated that he had heard of my destination. It took about 6 ½ minutes to get there and cost me $8.20, but it got me there in one piece.

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