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Hampden happenigs

10:38am – Trying to decide where I want to spend my Saturday: Canton or Hampden. I check the CCC’s website and see that the Harbor Connector doesn’t run on Weekends (technically, it does but as a regular – non-free – Water Taxi) so Hampden it is.


11:28am – Leave apt on way to Mt. Royal light rail station en route to Woodberry (2 stops). I use two dollar coins to purchase a one-way pass and pocket the change for the ride back (yes, this will be semi-important later).


Noon – Arrive on “The Avenue” in Hampden (West 36th Street) after a 10 minute walk from the light rail station. I make my way to Café Hon, the neighborhood’s signature restaurant, where I managed to have a slow and utterly forgettable meal.


1:18pm – Reach the park at end of “The Avenue,” and begin making my way back up the hill determined to stop into every shop along the way. Sadly, I seemed to get at best luke-warm reception at many of these stores (with a few indifferent and one downright hostile).


2:38pm – Found myself standing back where I started from at the corner of 36th and Falls Road. I could walk around to the Rotunda Mall on 40th Street or I could return to my apartment. I went inside the 7-11 on the corner and upon coming out decided it was probably best to call it a day.


3:00pm – After fighting the ticket machine at the light rail for several minutes, I decided to switch machines and put all change rejected from the first into the second and it worked out perfectly: 6 quarters and one dime over a 2 ½ hour period. I got off the train at Mt. Royal station exactly as the canned Westminster Chimes went off – all 19 of them.

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