Razzies recap 2010


Worst Picture:


The Bounty Hunter

The Last Air Bender (winner)

Sex and the City 2

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Vampires Suck


Who should have won: The Last Airbender


Worst Actor:


Jack Black

Gerald Butler

Ashton Kutcher (winner)

Taylor Launtner

Robert Pattinson


Who should have won: As deserving as Mr. Kutcher is, this is a result of Twilight fans flooding the forums after the nominees were announced thus splitting the votes between their respective camps. It was a major snub for Mr. Butler.


Worst Actress:


Jennifer Anniston

Miley Cyrus

“The four gal pals” of “Sex and the City 2” (winner)

Meghan Fox

Kristen Stewart


Who should have won: I have no qualms with the winners, but they basically won because (like the previous category) the Twilight fans flooded the forums after the noms were announced to protect their precious heroine.


Worst Supporting Actor:


Billy Ray Cyrus

George Lopez

Dev Patel

Jackson Rathbone

Rob Schneider


Who should have won: Jackson Rathbone


Worst Supporting Actress:


Jessica Alba (winner)


Liza Minelli

Nicola Peltz

Barbara Streisand


Who should have won: Ms. Alba may have the most movies on her docket (four), but the award should have gone to Cher .


Most Eye-Gouging MIS-use of 3D:


Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Clash of the Titans

The Last Air Bender (winner)

The Nutcracker 3D

Saw 3-D


Who should have won: The Last Airbender


Worst Screen Couple\Worst Screen Ensemble:


Jennifer Anniston and Gerald Butler

Josh Brolan’s face and Megan Fox’s accent

The ENTIRE CAST of The Last Airbender

The entire case of Sex and the City 2 (winner)

The entire cast of Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Who should have won: The cast of Grown-Ups: Kevin James, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade. I have no idea why they were left out of the category they helped create – especially since (judging from forum response) they probably would have won in a landslide.


Worst Director:


Jason Friedman and Aaron Seltzer

Michael Patrick King

M. Night Shyamalan (winner)

David Slade

Sylvester Stallone


Who should have won: M. Night Shyamalan


Worst Screenplay:


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