Food Court Follies: Part 2

I leave the store, look around to make sure the area was clear and then made my way back to the light rail stop (the northbound stop is relatively safe). I wait there on the hard metal bench, half-wishing I had bought a soda, a candy bar or SOMETHING else edible while I was still in the store, but all I can see\hear is that woman continuing to shout obscenities at me.


I am still fighting those same tears from back at the store (just as I am writing this account). I get back to the apartment and try to find something- ANYTHING – that could distract me from the day’s events: Nintendo DS – nope; Facebook – nope (even though I posted two different updates about it); funny cat videos on YouTube – no dice. I even tried the “special” magazines at the back of my closet – those ALWAYS work… but not this time (every picture was of the same 40ish black woman in a business suit shouting “FUCK YOU” and flipping me the bird).


I called my mom, but she doesn’t answer so I tried again about twenty minutes later. She answered and I managed to get her to at least listen to my story. I told her I’d been trying to distract myself and she mentioned finding a CD for her on Amazon so I did. It didn’t help that much, but I found a Mother’s Day gift so I guess that’s positive.


It’s almost dinner time by the time I calmed down enough to think somewhat straight. Leading me to a somewhat dubious question: what DOES a “crazy fucking asshole” eat anyway? Sorry, I wasn’t making the Buffalo Chicken sub (I don’t even like Buffalo Chicken sandwiches to start with); besides, all I bought was chicken tenders and pizza (okay, so I’m not a gourmet). Neither option really appealed to me, but it was the only food I’d had since this time yesterday, and I wanted to eat something now – preferably before someone kicked my door down and killed me (though no-one would’ve known I was gone for at least 2-3 weeks).


I sent some e-mails, checked Facebook again and went downstairs to get ready for bed. I was too mentally tired to watch television, but too worked up to go to sleep so I turned on the Tonight Show and Dave’s “Top Ten” before deciding to head downstairs to bed.


It was going to be a long night, and I spent most of the night staring at the ceiling, wondering why I can’t go anywhere in this city without pissing someone off. The saying goes: “If everyone around you (like an entire city) thinks you are an ‘asshole’ than you ARE an ‘asshole’ because YOU are the common denominator” (yep, same counselor from above).


After a night of somewhat precarious sleep, I wake up at 7 in the morning to that same woman shouting “YOU CRAZY FUCKING ASSHOLE” in the middle of the Charles Plaza food court. I even posted as much on Facebook, and just as I calmed down from the early morning excitement I got a comment asking me if this was “real or a dream?”


No, it’s not a dream – it’s a nightmare…and I live out scenes just like it every day in the self-styled “Charm City” where civility apparently is not an option.

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