Maryland Film Fest: Recap (part 3)

It takes a while to process a film as bad as Shunka.

Fortunately, I had the entire morning to finish the review. I wanted to get everything posted before the end of the festival, and I was running out of time. No fancy edits, I’d have to post them live and hope no-one noticed.

My initial plan was to see Weekend, Color Wheel, Shunka and Nostalgia for the Light on Saturday, and Small Pond and Art History on Sunday. However, that’s not quite what happened…so the only movie on my real world itinerary was Art History at 2pm.

I wanted to like Art History. It had a lot going for it. Okay, one thing going for it, but there was a lot of it. It was the rest of the movie they squandered: bad acting, bad writing, bad directing and even bad lighting. Come to think of it, even the “explicit sex” wasn’t that great (and that was the supposedly the main draw).

The last films of the day were seating, and festival was slowly wrapping up. I came back to my apartment and finished the last of my reviews before the final film ended, all with the knowledge that I’d probably never do this again.


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