A very busy day – one bloggers attempt to see everything going on in Baltimore City on Father’s Day weekend in one day

10:06am– left apt

10:34am– arrive at Inner Harbor, I see they are having some of event (a nearby signidentifies it as “Baltimore Sand”) behind the Amphitheater so I stop to look around.

It doesn’t take long as there is only one sculpture surrounded by 4 vacant sand pits. I ask the only sculptor if it the rain had washed out his competitors:

“No, the rain doesn’t effect it,” he said. “The festival hasn’t begun yet. It runs from noon to 4pm.”

– arrive at “The Harbor East Summer Celebration”

festival didn’t start for another 6 minutes, but none of the 5 security guards
standing around the barricades at Aliceanna\President Streets bothered stopping

Not that it mattered as you could see the entire event – all nine booths of it – from behind said barricades. There was also a
small stage at Aliceanna\Central Avenue, but the bands hadn’t started playing yet so I went and bought a smoothie at the Häagen Daz next to the movie theater.

11:58am– arrive at light rail station at UMBH just as the train does, and get to Woodberry station seventeen minutes later.

I then spend the next ten minutes wandering around Hampden in the heat before finally
coming across the street the newly rechristened “Baltimore Free Market” was on
(it’s been held in a variety of locations since their storefront
closed late last year). I love the new name, it signifies their aim at
provide a more “upscale” handout.

12:49pm – I was not prepared for a line like this…and neither was the older woman who arrived in a MTA Mobility van: “Is this the line for that ‘Free Store’ thing. Crap, I can’t stand,” she didn’t have a choice as the van pulled out as soon as she alighted.

1:19pm – this line officially does not move, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. The teenagers in front of me are talking about
indie music, the woman is front of them is abusing her young kids, and there is absolutely zero shade here.

1:29pm –I have been standing in the sun for exactly one hour, and am seriously considering get out of it. I have a schedule to keep… but I can (sort of) see the entrance now. Besides, a man just pulled up trying to donate a cage full of live

1:51pm – they finally let me into the store! It’s a lot smaller than it looks on the outside and the disorganized mob of stuff is nearly impossible to sort through -especially through with all the young kids running around underfoot. So much for that whole “upscale boutique” they were aiming for. :-/

1:53pm -One hour and 22 minutes in line and I left the store empty-handed after less than 2 minutes.

1:56pm –arrive back at light rail station. Onward…even if I have to shave an event (or two) off my schedule.

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