Art, writing and theatre

Sometimes I get bored. It happens, but sometimes I decide to do something about it.

I woke up late on Friday with no particular plan, just a minor sinus headache and a somewhat abstract deadline. Never a good
combination, but I took an Aspirin and decided to make the best of it. I picked up the City Paper from the table, circled a few items and headed out the door.

My first stop of the day was…the Quiznos at MLK Blvd. You don’t expect me to judge art on an empty stomach do you?

My second stop of the day was The Walters Art Museum to see their new nautical themed show “Setting
Sail: Drawings of the Sea from the Walters Collection
.” It was a small, but stylistically varied show up on the 5th floor. In fact, the only
real complaint about it was the fact that I couldn’t find anything to complain about.

I left The Walters around 1pm, and decided to visit the neighboring Contemporary Museum as I’d pass it was on the back to the Light Rail. It’s a small museum, but I always find it vaguely inspiring to walk through if only in an “I can do that” kind of way. After two minutes in their gallery, I left utterly convinced that I chose the wrong major.

The train arrived at the station less than 3 minutes after I did, and I rode it up to Mt Royal station as they have a Starbucks that I sit and write at. I ordered my drink and went to one of the tables outside where I remembered there was an art show going on at the Student Center.

It was called “Hollow Men” and it was a collection of paintings hung in the hallway between the auditorium and the ballrooms. I liked the diversity of style and subject matter as well as the fact that none of the staff members that passed me said anything
about me drinking a frozen coffee in the middle of an art gallery.

I arrived back at the apartment shortly after 2pm and started writing my reviews.

Finally, I grew tired of staring at a blank screen and pulled my newspaper out again. There had to be something going on in this city, and there was – the opening of a play at that little theatre across from Centerstage.

Truthfully, theatre isn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list this summer, but it gave me an excuse not to cook dinner. The fact
that the show wasn’t as good as I had hoped is almost beside the point.

I got back shortly after 11pm, and began the processof venting my mixed feelings about the show I’d just seen. I knew that I’d eventually have to start writing those art stories, but I was tired and figured I’d work
on them in the morning.

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