Summer storms

After temperatures reaching the upper 90s this afternoon,
the atmosphere was primed for some rather strong (if unpredicted) thunderstorms
– the kind going on outside my window as I write this post. This kind of
phenomenon was a daily occurrence at UM, and it was just as miserable and
depressing there as it is here.

It’s times like this that I ask myself what would happen if
I stayed in Miami instead of moving back into my parents’ house in Pa (which I
knew was a bad idea at the time, but had no other immediate options at that
time). Would I have spent the next 36 months out of work like I did in Shamokin
or would I find a job even if just as a bagger at Publix?

Then I remembered that I couldn’t immediately find work
after moving to Baltimore. I had interviews, disastrous interviews but
interviews none the less…but no job offers. It wasn’t until I officially
stopped looking that I found the listing for the “Baltimore Guardian,” and even
that was “unpaid to start.”

I took a copy-editors test at The Herald, but I never heard back from them…I sometime wonder if I
should have studied more and tried again, but with the trouble the paper had
even then it was probably for the best. Especially since I’d be getting just as
wet down there as I am up here.

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