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Upcoming art in Baltimore

“Hard Workin’ Pilgrims,” Baltimore Museum of Industry,
September 7-December 31st

“Painting in Parts,” Maryland Art Place, September 15–October

“Hand Held: Personal Arts from Africa,” Baltimore Museum of
Art, September 25–February 5th

“Peanuts….Naturally,” Maryland Science Center, October
4-January 1st

“All Things Round:  Galaxies, Eyeballs and Karma,” AVAM, October
7-September 12th

“Lost & Found: The Secrets of Archimedes,” The Walters Art Museum, October 16-January 1st
“Thai Story: The Vessantara Jataka,” The Walters Art Museum,
October 28-January 22nd

“IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the
Americas,” Reginald F. Lewis Museum, November 5-January 2nd

“Candida Höfer: Interior Worlds,” Baltimore Museum of Art, November
16- February 26th

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Upcoming theatre in Baltimore


“A Raisin in the Sun,” Everyman, September 7-October 16th

“Epicoene, or The Silent Woman,” Mobtown, September 23-October

“The Rivals,” Centerstage, September 28-October 30th


“Logic, Luck & Love,” Spotlight UB, October 6th

“Anna Bella Eema,” Strand, October 7-22nd

“Shovel in the Dirt,” EMP Collective, October 14-22nd


“The Fantasticks,” Spotlighters, November 18-December 18th

“Captain Freedon,” Landless Theatre (@ Mobtown), November 4-19th

“The Little Dog Laughed,” Fells Point Corner Theater,
November 11-December 18th


“…And Underneath the Moon,” Glass Mind, December 2-18th

“Brooklyn: The Musical,” Teatro 101 (@ Theatre Project), December 7-11th

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Eastern Hellbender at Md Zoo

I woke up late this morning, an hour after I had intended to leave. Such is life,
but it also put me that far behind schedule.

I arrived at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore at
11:28am, and quickly made my way to the tram. I stopped briefly to see what the
prairie dogs were barking at, but I also had a schedule to keep.

There were probably three other families on the tram
with me as we made our way towards the main part of the zoo. I disembarked from
the car and headed through Polar Bear Gate to see an animal demonstration
already in progress. It was a crown crane, but despite its constant movement, I
managed to get one decent shot of it on my camera.

The show ended around 11:45, but I decided to skip
lunch until after I finished my assignment. Besides, I’d have to pass through
their concession area on my way out anyway (exit through the food court). Though
if I was thinking clearly, I might have ducked through the hidden “Conservation
Gate” (behind the guest services tent) and bypassed the marsh area altogether.

I was on my way to see the new exhibit on the
Eastern Hellbender (a species of giant salamander) which as housed in a
simulated stream in what used to be the underwater viewing area of the otter

I remember the bubble being small (and dirty), but
the black light, dark light-blocking curtains (hellbenders are nocturnal) and
large jutting signage make it feel claustrophobically small – especially if
there was more than one person in the viewing area.

True to form, I was essentially forced out of the
viewing area by the next round of visitors (though the thick black curtains
nearly scared off one of the younger guests). I took the bypass around the
Cave, and snaked along the path back towards the concession area.

It was just after noon when I passed through the
barn door into the concession area, but, surprisingly enough, it was all but
deserted. Even more surprising was the fact that they had my order ready before
I put my change away.

There was no line at the train either, so I bought a
single ticket and had what amounted to a private ride (even if the operator’s
microphone wasn’t working).

I had my food, my notes and a bonus train ride, so I
made my way across the field to the tram stop. The return trip was somewhat
more crowded with about 7 families, and one volunteer they dropped off at the
administrative building.

Oddly enough, as I disembarked from the tram, I
heard some zoo employees in the courtyard say they were amazed at how “crowded”
the zoo was that day.

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