Editorial: Reflections on a half season of Baltimore theatre

I started reviewing theatre for the Baltimore Guardian back in January of
this year after being rejected from seemingly every paying job in the city. The review of “Shooting
” was the second play I’d seen since moving to Baltimore in 2009
(the first was the abysmalZippy the Pinhead: The Musical”) and only the
second play I’d seen since “As You Like It” at UM’s Jerry Herman Ring Theater in 2004 (because there was
only ONE theatre in the rural town I moved here from – and it only showed middle\high school plays).

There is one misconception about my reviews it is that I “hate
all shows” or that I only go into them “so I can rip them apart” from some
perverse gain. I go into a show with the sole
purpose to be entertained, and if I’m paying $45 out of pocket
for a show than I expect to be at least not be bored (that’s right I’m talking
about you, “Crime & Punishment”).

Seriously, DON’T BORE ME – I can only take one “Muldoon” per season
(part of the reason I started writing art\movie reviews as well).

Also, when I write reviews I am always cognizant of the fact
that I am merely voicing an opinion,
and that sadly for some many shows it will be the only opinion (as the only other theatre sites for Baltimore that
I’m aware of are BBW, CN\DQ and Maryland Theatre Guide). I occasionally hear from people who disagree with my opinion
(“for every caller is a thousand listeners”) and enjoy hearing from people who legitimately
liked the show in question (to be differentiated from bomb throwing trolls from
the theatre companies).

City theatre companies (with the exception of Mobtown Players) have announced the
shows for their upcoming seasons, and I in turn have posted a preliminary list
of the shows I’m planning to see (for the first half of the season anyway). I also have a similar,
but nowhere near complete, list of upcoming art shows, but most of my time (and money) will be consumed with these

I have a few other projects to complete this holiday weekend
(none of which involve overpriced cars driving around in circles), and
barring any technical\server issues hope to have more stories posted later this
week. Servus.

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