Second Saturday: Part 1

I haven’t done a Second Saturday post in a while… and I
might not do so again for quite a while.

I left the apartment just after 4pm, and made my way towards
Gallery Myrthis on the northern boundary Station North. It’s a long walk, even
just from North Avenue, and it could have been a lot longer if I hadn’t
rechecked the address on my printout as the converted townhouse it’s housed in
isn’t that well marked.

The exhibit was broken into 3 sections based on the section
of the house it was in: the front room was mostly medium sized paintings with
bold patterns on a white canvas along with several light colored sculptures;
the kitchen was filled with large dark pieces with no discernible patterns; the
‘office’ was built around smaller prints as well as pieces that didn’t fit into
the other two rooms.

I can’t really go into much more detail as the gallery owner
or her assistant kept trying to talk to me every time I stopped to take notes.
They did give me the ‘venue crawl’ sticker even though a) her gallery wasn’t on
the crawl and b) she didn’t have the card she supposed to put said sticker on
(and she had no suggestions as to who would).

I make my way back to North Avenue and go into Cyclops Books to see they had a venue card. They didn’t, but the owner said I might find
some cards across the street at Joe Squared Pizza. He did, however, let me look
around at their motley collection of literary posters and random framed prints
lining the walls between their ratty sofas and sparse bookshelves. On my way
out, he said I could come back for a sticker (if I find a card to put it on).

I walk into the tiny bar next to the art supply store and
ask for the venue card. The staff dutifully looks at me like I’m from a
different planet. I try to describe what I’m looking for and they hand a list
of upcoming bands performing at their bar. I try again, but after a fruitless
search of the front of the bar, they turn up empty again.

Finally the manager shows up, and I have to start all over
again. After yet another attempt at describing what I’m looking for, I pull out
the “events calendar” I’d printed from Station North’s website describing the
event. But before I can ask for said card again, she cuts me off:

“We can only accept OFFICIAL Station North promotional cards – that slip of paper WILL NOT due for the free pizza offering.”

“You mean like the one I just asked you about?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, you can’t get those HERE,” she said. “Have you actually hit EVERY store in this neighborhood? If not, I suggest you do so,”
she said practically shoving me out the door.

Whatever, I wasn’t in the mood for pizza anyway.

I leave and go next door to the McDonald’s next door, where
the sole cashier seemed to be having trouble keeping up with the 2 or 3 people
in front of her. She even hands me a random drink from the fountain (which used
to be on my side of the counter), and when I went to counter the manager hands
me a new drink before I got to pleasure of complaining.

I finish my meal, and decide to continue on to Metro Gallery
as the woman at Joe Squared suggested. Until I remembered, they weren’t
participating in the venue crawl… neither was Charles Theater and The Depot (a nightclub
which was) wasn’t even open yet, so I stopped into Sofi’s Crepes and ordered a
surprisingly large chocolate chip crepe and sitting on counter next to me was a
pile of fliers – including a grey one labeled “Second Saturday in Station North.”

Yah! I have a card….now what?

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