Baltimore Rain (Book) Festival: Day 1

11:22am – leave apt, it is raining lightly but

11:39am – catch light rail going towards Cromwell,
disembark at Centre St (one stop)

11:44am – withdraw 60 dollars from ATM outside of

11:50am – arrive at Baltimore Book Festival, and make
my way towards the Md. Science-Fiction Writers tent on the east end of the

12:03pm – beginning of panel discussion “Alien Minds:
Writing from a Non-human Point of View”

12:16pm – now torrential rain drowns out some of the

12:37pm – moderator announces that she must
microphone equipment and books off the floor of the tent to prevent us from
being electrocuted. Panel acknowledges this but keeps going.

12:50pm – in order to get rid of books before they
get damages, moderator announces impromptu “book raffle.” I use this as an
excuse to leave and explore the rest of the festival.

12:55pm – that didn’t take long as most of the tents
were closed. It turns out books + rain are not a good combination – even if
said rain has subsided (at least temporarily).

12:59pm – Discussing A RAISIN IN THE SUN with woman
at Everyman Theatre tent

Maryland Writers Association has a new book of poetry out. As a special
festival promotion they’ve reduced the price from $12.95 to…$11.95 – now that’s a deal!

1:11pm – get to the
“food court” on the north end of the festival (all FOUR vendors of it) just as
a large group of school kids and their chaperones do. I don’t feel like
crowding in on them so I decide to defer lunch until after my next panel.

1:15pm – talk about
my disappointment volunteering for Pride at GLCCB booth.

1:27pm – arrive at
Md. Romance Writers tent, previous panel “Which e-Reader is Right for You?” is
still going on.

1:33pm – panel breaks
up, and ppl start to leave as new panelists assemble on their makeshift stage
for the next show: Charmed by Charm City: Why Maryland is an ideal setting for

1:37pm – moderator:
“Okay, we’re going to play a little game here: the panelists are going to read
from their works and you have to guess what part of Maryland that is supposed
to be.”

1:50pm – finally get
to hear why they think we should set our books here: “the weather,” “the history,”
“the eccentrics” and “the novelty – so few books are set in Maryland.” Whoa,
don’t get too deep there!

1:53pm – sensing a
break up, the moderator from the sci-fi panel I attended earlier jumps in to
plug her booth and the moderator from this panel announces a book raffle to be
held “in a few hours.”

1:57pm – back on
“vendor row.” Don’t want a hot dog, a tofu sandwich, or a funnel cake…

1:59pm – that leaves
me with one booth left, and I nearly fainted when the two women who were
blocking the menu moved to reveal the prices. However, I was committed now and
ordered the fish platter.

2:03pm – I take the
fish stick and fry basket from the man and he directs me to the condiments at
the end of the counter. I pick up a pack of tartar sauce…but…I…can’t…get it….open.

2:05pm – I look up
and see the entire trailer staring at me, the cashier looks at me smugly for a
moment before finally asking “are you having a problem there?” I go to say no,
but her colleague insists and when he hands the now opened packet back to me…I
find out its cocktail sauce. 😦

2:07pm – I actually don’t like cocktail sauce, but after all
the trouble I was sort of obligated to use it. My next problem was finding somewhere
to sit down and it at. There were a few tables scattered around the park, but none
of them were covered…

2:09pm – so I was
forced to eat my cocktail covered fish in the rain; when I went to throw the
half-finished basket of fries away, I realized I wasn’t carrying my hat

2:17pm – after backtracking
to all the booths I’d been that day, I find my hat in a muddy puddle under the
table I’d been eating at.

2:18pm – put my
muddied hat into my soaking wet backpack and made my way back to the light rail
in the light, but steady rain.

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