The (Satur)days are just packed

12:16pm – arrive at Festival on the Hill

12:18pm – take my camera out and begin snapping photos

12:24pm – leave festival and begin trek towards downtown

12:34pm – cam see the NB Circulator passing Charles\Preston –
the race is on!

12:39pm – make it to corner of St Paul\Preston – 3 minutes
before bus does (drivers tend to take their breaks at Penn Station)

12:57pm – arrive at Visitor’s Center for quick lunch

1:10pm – entire Light St “Food Court” is boarded off.

1:15pm – cross into “The Gallery” – their food court SUCKS, but at least they have one

1:30pm – can clearly see Occupy Baltimore protesters through mall window – nowhere near the “200+”
predicted earlier this week.

1:34pm – make my way down to McKeldin Square to begin photographing weekend protesters. There were
about 40-50 there – double their number from Thursday.

2:01pm – continue on promenade to American Visionary Art Museum

2:14pm – appears to be a volleyball tournament going on, there are at least 2x more people here
than at the protest. 😦

2:21pm – arrive at AVAM, not happy with the 50% price hike

2:47pm – leave museum

2:59pm – arrive back at Visitors Center to wait for Circulator back to apartment.

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