Columbus weekend at The Fountain

Day 5: (Saturday, October 8, 2011)

–         The movement gained $2000 in donations.

–         McKeldin Fountain is apparently not part of
Occupation area, and all signs must be taken down or they will be removed by

–         Who were called to break up an apparent
altercation at the protest site, no arrests were made and the incident was
resolved peacefully. However, this has left some with concerns for their safety
in the space.

–         Suggestions of having members canvas
neighborhoods (except Midtown\Belvedere which they felt was over represented in
the group), and contacting AFL-CIO

–         Film the media as they are filming us to guard
against spin (the Scientology approach), also suggested writing to newspapers
and calling radio shows.

Day 6: (Sunday, October 9, 2011)

–         “Corporate marching tour” of downtown (1pm), “Occupy City Council with Bill Barry”
(3pm) and workshop on communicating to the media (5pm)

–         Live Reggae band performed in evening, community
in afternoon.

–         Interview by FOX 45 News; Letter to editor defending protests printed in Baltimore

–         However, unofficial media partner Indypendent Reader has now moved
to cover “Occupy Austin.”

–         Also, Brew reports that Charles Village staged
their own (unrelated) “Occupation” to promote the city’s “wasted
public spaces

Day 7: (Monday, October 10, 2011)

–         Food crew holds “Potluck Monday

–         Medical team holds free blood pressure screenings

–         “Genocide and Oppression Rally” in honor ofColumbus Day.

–         “The Coming Insurrection” (4pm) and “Patriarchy
in Protest” (6pm)

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