Hating the public transports

My day starts around 9am; I wake up, shower and check my RSS
feeds. By the time I finish that it’s time to begin work either finishing a
writing project or going out and either running errands or starting on stories.
As I’ve stated before, the writing is the easy part.

For instance, yesterday was food shopping day. I could have
walked the 2.1 miles to the grocery store, but I decided to take the Circulator
instead. However when the bus pulled up it was full, as I was trying to get on
I was trying to squeeze into the aisle, I was shoved by the person behind me
yelling “move it, jackass!” The people who I was shoved into weren’t happy with
me either, turning around and glaring at me for my rudeness in crashing into

When it came time to get off I literally had to jostle
through a dozen other passengers to get to the door, nearly tipping over
someone’s bag on the way out the door. This teenager brushes past me, he laughs
and gives me the brilliant advice: “Ha, don’t trip, Buddy.”

I’m not in the mood for fights, so I simply make a joke of
his joke. “Yeah, I’ll have to get this buddy person for that.”

“What the fuck is your problem, buddy? I will fuck you the
fuck up! You hear me? I will fuck you the fuck up, you fucking asshole!”

I try to explain myself, but he cuts me off: “You open your
fucking mouth; I put my fist through it! You understand me, you fucking
asshole? NO-ONE talks shit to ME. NO-ONE! I fuck them up!”

“Don’t mess with him,” his friend says.

I continue walking. My mom likes to say the best way to
de-escalate a situation. Once again, mom is wrong.

“I’m being NICE to you by telling you not to break your
fucking leg and you’re throwing shit in my face? Fuck you, I ain’t about to let
no asshole start yelling at me for being nice to him.”

“I wasn’t yelling,” I said calmly, in fact his acquisition
confused the heck out of me.

“What the fuck did I tell you about talking back to me? Fuck
you, you god-damned fucking asshole! I try to be nice,” he said to his friend.
”And he repays me by yelling at me for no fucking reason,” he turns around
again and repeats, “Fuck you, fucking asshole, fuck you!”

I sighed, at least it’s out of his system now, and I get on
with my day.

He turns around again: “What the fuck did you just call me?
Huh, I don’t take any shit from fucking assholes like you calling names behind
my back! You hear me, you stupid fucking asshole? Another word and I WILL fuck
you the fuck up!”

“Yeah, don’t be a dick.”

“No, don’t,” he said to his friend intentionally speaking
loud enough for me to hear him half a block him. “He’s too big of a fucking
COWARD to say shit to my face so he just says shit when I turn around. Fucking
asshole yelling at ME like that,” he turns around again, “I said: fuck you,
fucking cowardly asshole!”

They cross the street with the signal, and a man comes up
beside me. “Don’t let them bother you – outta sight, outta mind. Don’t let them
ruin your day.”

“Thanks,” I said to him.

I go into the food court, the same food court from the previous posts, but I’m too distracted to actually
eat anything. I toss my food in the trash and head into the grocery store, but
despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t concentrate on my shopping. I was
fortunate enough to get a cashier who least pretended to be sympathetic to my

I probably bought half of what I went in there for as the
bag felt light on the way back on the comparatively empty ride back to UB\MICA
area, but at least I was able to get back to my apartment without further

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