Occupy Baltimore: Day 22

10:43am – Baltimore Brew is posting that Occupy Baltimore may get a LOT smaller by this time
tomorrow. The city’s Department of Parks & Recreation has decided not to
approve the movement’s permit for indefinite encampment; though a press
from the group says that a compromise was offered by the city
allowing protesters to stay during daytime hours but limited camping on the
site (a “maximum of 2 people”) as well as restricting the area of the protest
to the space immediately surrounding McKeldin Fountain. Failure to comply would
result in eviction from the park.

1:02pm – A second press release is posted basically expanding on their previous one, but this time
detailing the full text of the city’s letter to them in which they propose
setting up a “space sharing agreement” with other parties wishing to use the
Square… though if such an agreement cannot be reached than Occupy Baltimore
must “withdraw all set ups within the park for the dates of the [other
party’s] permit.
” The movement has until tomorrow to approve or reject
said compromise.

2:10pm – OWS posts 2nd press release on their web site under headline: “Protect
Occupy Baltimore!

4:50pmBaltimore Sun posts a story essentially summarizing the initial press release.

5:45pm – Apparently, their “Workshop on White Privilege for White Folks” is still slated
for 6pm; no word on whether “Alternative Economics” seminar at 11am went
forward or not. I find it ironic that their (pre-planned) “Civil Disobedience
Training” is set for tomorrow at 3pm – especially since police will probably
start the eviction around 3am that morning.

8:15pm – beginning of General Assembly.

8:32pm – overview of police procedure should you be arrested in Baltimore City.

8:40pm – Q: When would police evict us? Paul from Legal: We have no answer; the proposal is too
vague to provide an answer to that question.

8:56pm –“1. No overnight tents and no
overnight camping will be allowed except for one tent with up to two individuals…
All others must leave McKeldin Square area by midnight, the time that the area
is closed to visitors.” –fails.

9:01pm – “3. Occupiers may not obstruct, in any way, the rights of way in the area.” – tabled.

4. “Occupy Baltimore has been given a map detailing the footprint perimeter of
their occupied area, the area where any tents or signs or any set ups may be placed.” – tabled.

9:26pm – “5. Occupy group needs to identify a “spokesperson” who will… keep City officials advised of any significant…issues at the site.” – passes. Majority in favor of non-legal number as they feel Legal held permit issue too long.

9:43pm – Agrees that the will NOT vacate space if other groups wish to use space, returns to walk-through
issue but tabled until later date

9:57pm – Cullen announces that GA is being livestreamed on OWS website

10:16pm – more discussion of multiple press releases, call to join media committee

10:26pm – traffic accident in intersection: medical goes to evaluate accident, statements interrupted by
sirens and general audience rubbernecking.

10:42pm – stack on press releases finishes, but discussion of process continues for several minutes.
Online viewership is steadily dropping.

10:57pm – Committee reports: Cullen to appear on Countdown
with Keith Olbermann
, direct actions announced, campus outreach needed

11:07pm – Announcements: Baltimore to host regional day of Occupations. Rally for Rec Centers at
Parks\Recs building; partnership with Moveon.org.

11:38pm – General Assembly ends.

2:00amIndypendent Reader reports that nothing happened. No police
arrived, no arrests were made and no forcible breakdown of camp. The Occupatiion
continues peacefully… for now.

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