Occupy Baltimore: Day 23

3pm – “March to Constellation Headquarters” and “Civil Disobedience Training”

6pm– Workshop on “Male Privilege open to all genders” starts at McKeldin Fountain.

6:12pm– Occupy Baltimore puts out call for FB users to come down to the square to
document the night’s events citing “news sources” that police will raid the
encampment around midnight.

7:43pmBaltimore Sun: Unions, including police, ask Mayor Black to Stand Down on Occupy

8:25pm – “Education for All” rally officially begins.

9:56pm – Egyptianpresidential candidate and organizer of Egyptian Revolution, Medhat Khafagy,
speaks. He is there to show solidarity with democracy and the Occupation movement.

10:27pm –Committee reports: Medical speaks about plastic cuffs, protecting face, and
alerting the medic\legal teams of medications. She reminds overnight protesters
to stay warm.

10:53pm – GA closes “with love from: LA, MIA, SF, LV and PHX”

UPDATE – November 3, 2011

Occupy Baltimore has posted a petition to replace the boiler
at Rosemont Elementary School. As of 5:45 this afternoon, it had 101

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