Museum mania!

I left the apartment around noon. I could have left an hour
later if I wanted to, but I thought I’d stop by Starbucks first. It was
officially 52 degrees outside, but it was cloudy with gusty winds making it
feel more like the lower 40s.

However, when I was stopped at the intersection outside the
Lyric, a dark late model car pulls out to the curb, and a woman asks me how to
get to somewhere I didn’t catch where. I tried to get her to repeat it, but she
just growled “shut up” and flipped me the middle finger as she screeched off. I
half hoped she’s be hit by another car, but I didn’t feel like dwelling on
something this early in the day.

I got this strange feeling of déjà vu as I was sitting on
the light rail. I knew I’ve heard the operator’s voice before, but, for the life
of me, I couldn’t think of where…until I was leaving the train and I suddenly
heard his voice say: “Thank you for riding the monorail. We hope you have a magical
day here at the Magic Kingdom!”

I arrived at Convention Center at 1:19pm and crossed the
courtyard into the lobby of Sports Legends museum and finally up the stairs to
Geppi’s Entertainment Museum on the second floor. It had been approximately 7
months since I’d stepped foot in the museum to cover the opening of “Baltimore
Heroes,” and I had returned to follow-up on their supposedly “quarterly”
changes to their permanent exhibit. As it turned out they were extremely minor,
and I could easily just repost my previous story (it had been lost to a server
crash in August).

I left the museum, and made my way towards the promenade. The
“Occupiers” were making small “wish flags” which “connote the wishes we have
for the world, as a group and as individuals.” I could ponder on the meaning of
that, but I was never much for arts and crafts.

I arrive at the Maryland Science Center, and when I got to
the ticket counter to buy my IMAX ticket, the man insisted I come back in 2½
hours for their “Fridays After 5” promotion. I told him I was on a schedule and
had other places to go that night. He rolls his eyes and says “I’m just trying
to save you money, but if you WANT to pay more…”

He eventually hands me my tickets and wristband (why I need
an admission ticket AND a wristband is beyond me). I spend the next 20 minutes
or so wandering through their gift shop trying to figure out what my brothers’
kids might like, but then I realized that there was no way I’d be able to guess
what kids that age might like. Finally, I just take a seat on a bench in the
hallway and begin taking notes until they announced the film was starting.

The film, Rocky Mountain Express was an extraordinary film
following the construction of the titular route through the Canadian mountains
and into the plains on the opposite side of the Rockies. It was a promotional
film, but it was so wonderfully shot and richly narrated shot that it was easy
enough to forgive this minor detail.

The movie got out just minutes before the hour meaning I had
to rush over to the planetarium on the other side of the museum…just to find
out that the doors didn’t open until show time (and even then they opened 3
minutes late).

Their planetarium show, Black Holes, was informative with an
interesting visual narrative. However, its script was rather dry and

I leave the museum at 4:38pm and make my way across the
promenade to the Circulator stop, and I arrive exactly as two northbound buses
fly by in the far lane. I was stuck waiting outside in the cold, biting winds
until the next bus decided to arrive.

Eventually, the bus came and I got on taking a seat near the
middle of the half-crowded Circulator. As we passed the “Occupy” encampment, I
couldn’t help but wonder if any of those flags would wind up in a museum.

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