Happy New Year – You’re Fired

This post was initially going to be about the results of the Iowa caucuses and the political flameouts that resulted from it. But then I got an e-mail saying that The Baltimore Guardian would “no longer be sending me on reviews.”

In other words: the trolls have won, congratulations.

The “official” explanation is that he could not afford to keep the site going because it was losing money for him. However, I paid for every single show out of pocket with no compensation at all, and for this reason alone, if he hadn’t pulled the plug on this arrangement I would have.

This termination means that I am no longer seeing shows because I “have” to, and instead of stacking bad shows just to meet quota, I can see good shows because I WANT to.

Not only that, but by not seeing: MilkMilkLemonade (Single Carrot, who probably don’t want me at their shows anyway), Arsenic & Old Lace (Vagabond Players) and Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Spotlighters), I can finally afford to see shows like: Fifty Words at Everyman, Centerstage’s A Skull in Connemara or even The Addams Family at the Hippodrome.

To clarify, I have nothing against the former theaters: $15 (TSC) + $15 (VP) +$15 (Spot) = $45 (Everyman). Yes, they’re a comparative bargain, but in community theatre you tend to get what you pay for. For instance, there was nothing fundamentally “wrong” with The Fantasticks, but I wasn’t rushing out to recommend it to anybody either. To be fair, there were a LOT of problems with Shooting Star, but none of them were Everyman’s fault (the cast was excellent… the script was terrible).

This, of course, brings up two questions: 1) what happens to the stories I’ve already started (capsule reviews of the IMAX Film Festival)… and 2) now that I’m no longer working for The Baltimore Guardian and was summarily rejected from grad school at UB, what is tying me to Baltimore (besides rent and jury duty)?

No really, since graduating from SHS in 1998, I have lived in four different states (California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maryland) for three years apiece where I held no single job for longer than a year-and-a-half (which, believe me, looks horrible on a resume). Do I take Amtrak to New Hampshire or South Carolina and do a half-assed update of Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trial? Do I try to restart my writing portfolio at another publication in\around Maryland or go full time on my freelance career?

So many questions…so few answers…just like in politics.

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year – You’re Fired

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