Art on the move

This was supposed to be a fairly busy weekend for me, but certain situations left me, ironically enough, with nothing but time on my hands.

I left the apartment just after noon, nothing like losing a gig to ruin your sense of urgency, and made my way to new art show playing at Penn Station. Well, the museum’s website said it was at Penn Station…the people AT Penn Station looked at me like I was on crack (I get that a lot for some reason) when I asked them where it was.

“There is no ‘art gallery’ here. What is the name of the location of the venue again.”

Moving Right Along,’ a new show sponsored by the Contemporary Museum-”

“This isn’t the Contemporary Museum, this is Penn Station.”

“I know that. The museum lost its lease last year, and until their new space later this year, they are hosting their show in an ‘unused retail space in Penn Station.”

“I strongly suggest you check your address again, as there is no art exhibition here.”

“How many addresses could ‘Baltimore’s Penn Station’ possibly have?”

I considered pulling out my phone and showing him the museum’s website, but I figured that would be more trouble than it was worth.

Meanwhile, the agent backs his seat away from the Crazy Person (another thing I get a lot), and then slowly turns his head towards his colleague, and cocks his head towards me mouthing ‘Do something.’

His somewhat older colleague gives him that classic ‘don’t pawn the Crazy Guy on me’ expression, he then looks over at me with a fake smile: “I can help you over here.”

“It’s the boarded up window just through the archway,” a woman said passing by the counter. I couldn’t tell if she worked for Amtrak or if she had just overheard our conversation. I scanned the room, “no, THAT archway… past the ‘Shoe Polisher’ …next to the restrooms.”

I still didn’t quite see what was talking about, but I walked through the archway, past the Shoe Polisher into the main lobby. Nothing looked out of place until I realized that the lobby I was staring at from the service counter would have extended the platforms into the cab stand so I took a seat on a long wooden bench in from of the papered over window and watched the animated characters running around the pseudo lobby until I lost interest and went to get lunch at the Subway over on Charles St.

As I was eating I wondered: how hard would it be to take a train to Concord, NH to cover the primary there? I had no change of clothes, no itinerary, and no press pass. I also had no reservations for either the train or lodging once I got there, and I had neither social skills nor any real credibility as a journalist. Sadly, ‘Fear and Loathing: 2012’ would have to wait…*sigh*

I left the store at 1:46pm, and decided to head back to the
apartment…to grab a jacket before heading to the light rail stop at UB\Mount Royal. This day was far from over.

I arrived at the platform slightly later than I had hoped, but was able to get downtown by 3:51pm. This gave me just under 10 minutes to get to the Maryland Science Center in time for their next show. I just barely made it to the center by 4 o’clock…or should I say their ticket counter. Fortunately, they were just closing the door to the theater when I came barreling around the corner.

The movie (Bears) had its moments, but it probably wasn’t worth a special trip downtown for (I was initially going to see it at the Whitaker Center over Thanksgiving). The footage of cubs wrestling each other was cute. The the opening CGI, while entirely superfluous, actually came off looking kind of cool, but the black, fog covered set they used for describing the Native American myths was creepier than it was mystifying.

I left the center at 4:46pm, and decided that I’d try for an early dinner so as not to risk missing the last Circulator back to Midtown (as both the Light Rail and the Circulator stop running around 8pm on Sundays). I chose to eat in Harborplace, but only because I wanted to be near the Circulator when I came out (in case service was slow).

I came out the restaurant just after 6pm, and made my way across a busier than expected Pratt St to the Circulator stop in front of the Gallery. I barely brushed by the guy trying to bum change when the quarter-filled bus pulled in. I briefly considered taking it all the way up to Station North to review “MilkMilkLemonade” at Single Carrot…until I remembered I had no-one to send it to.

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