A little more than 50 words

It was 3pm, and I was bored. I was already sitting at my computer so I signed into Facebook, my virtual crops still had about an hour left on them so I clicked back to my “News Feed” and saw an item about Everyman Theatre was having a special “pay-what-you-can” promotion.

That in and of itself isn’t not unusual, a lot of theatre companies have been doing that lately, but they usually wait until a few weeks after the show opens to host them (the first “official” preview is tomorrow).

I may not be working for The Guardian anymore, but I wasn’t about to pass up this deal. I go to their website, but they weren’t offering tickets since the show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow… Next I called the number, and after 7 rings I was finally answered…by a machine.

This left me with no choice but to walk over to box office and buy them in person. I checked the weather forecast, sunny with temperatures in the low 50s (not bad for the middle of JANUARY) but with a chance of rain around 7pm. I grabbed my keys and left.

I arrived at the theatre, somewhat surprised at having to “ring the doorbell” to enter the box office. I did anyway and the door opened almost immediately by an older woman in a red shirt with a white plastic lanyard around her neck. She points me to the box office (even though it’s impossible to miss) and I hand the man behind the counter a $20. If only so I wouldn’t have to get any more of those annoying letters extolling the virtues of donating to Everyman Theatre… besides, it was easiest bill to take out of my wallet.

I make the trek back to my apartment. I retrieved my virtual crops, send an e-mail to my former editor and began thinking about appropriate places to send this review. I closed my laptop, took a shower and got dressed up for the show. When I came back upstairs, the rain had completely disappeared from the forecast, and I was clear to leave for dinner.

It was 6pm when I grabbed my keys off the table, and exactly as I was leaving the apartment the phone rang. I dashed over to catch it before the machine picked it up, and it was a Melanie who was calling because she needed my opinion about the “recent changes to America’s healthcare system.”

As thrilled as I was about someone pretending to care what I think about divisive political issues, I was kind of in a hurry. Besides, it was the same company that called me on Friday to discuss “recent changes to America’s healthcare system” so I’m sure they’ll call me back to discuss this over dinner some other day this week.

I didn’t have enough time to eat at a proper restaurant, but I didn’t feel like starving myself either. I stopped at the Chipotle on Charles St just a few blocks south of the theatre. I was counting on their normally ginormous line to eat up some time, and was thus somewhat disappointed about walking straight up to the counter to make my order.

I finished eating but still had almost 40 minutes to get to the theatre less than three blocks away. I ducked into the Starbucks next door. I wasn’t really thirsty but I figured I could sit in there for ten minutes before moving up the road.

I arrived at the theatre just after 7pm. I didn’t need to use the doorbell as the lobby was not only open but quite crowded as well. I tried finding restrooms, but the ladies in already line told me I’d “have to wait” as there was only one bathroom in the lobby. Eventually they opened the doors to the theatre and I was given a simple photocopy with the names of the actors and designers (perhaps the formal programs hadn’t arrived yet from the printers).

The show itself was intense. This isn’t a show you see for casual entertainment like “MML,” “Ain’t Misbehavin’” or even “Gleam” – this was more a like a serious version of Vince Vaughn’s “The Break-Up” except the petty fighting never stops and the few moments of silence are filled with LOUD overly dramatic music as if the sound designers thought the LOLs in the audience might fall asleep amidst the constant shouting.

The play got out shortly after 9pm, and I made my way back to the apartment. I still have no idea what (if anything) I’m going to do about a review.

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