Random Ramblings: Part 2

To be honest, during my last few months at The Baltimore Guardian I found myself wanting to write about something – ANYTHING – other than theatre. I kept hearing about all these supposedly good movies like Drive, Shame and The Adventures of Tintin, but there I was sitting in a claustrophobically small theatre watching some mediocre singer warble his way through “Try to Remember” (already an overrated song).I guess that’s part of the reason I took a Friday off to see Forces of Nature at the Science Center.

However much fun reviewing films look from the outside, I know for me it would still have a sort of “been there\done that” feel (my first clip was a review of Final Destination 2 for The Miami Hurricane in 2003). Sure, I’ve dabbled in reviewing books and video games, but one area that’s conspicuously absent from my writing portfolio is music.

For instance, I just did a search of the “Gigs” section on Craigslist and almost a third of the listings were from music blogs looking for “unpaid contributors.” ALL of them (like The Baltimore Guardian before them) promised to eventually pay their writers once they became profitable enough. This means one of possibly two things: 1) the market is so over-saturated with sites like these that they cannot differentiate themselves from the dozen or so identical blogs and will thus die within the year when their “volunteer writers” decide to look elsewhere (also like The Baltimore Guardian) or 2) the demand for ad space on blogs like this is so great that they have to continually hire new contributors just to fill the gaps between ads, and since paychecks are sent out almost immediately upon launch, the only turnover is due acceptance of work at larger publications. I’ll let you decide which (if any) is more plausible.

The other trend missing from my portfolio is financial writing. While missing from this month’s listings, writing about stocks appears often on several local job boards (including Craigslist). These positions are decidedly NOT volunteer based, but I still find it hard to muster enough passion to write about a .5% increase in Apple’s quarterly earnings with any sort of conviction.

I need to come up with new ideas and perhaps a new direction for my writing career… Servus.

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