Muted Future Ambitions

I’m probably going to get myself in trouble for saying this, but I moved to Baltimore in December of 2008 for the express purpose of attaining a Master of Fine Arts degree in “Creative Writing & Publishing Arts” from the University of Baltimore.

I was attracted to the fact that wasn’t your “standard-average MFA.” I liked the practical editorial experience of working on a print\electronic journal and their focus on “getting your work published.” I had no interest in graphic design component of it, but I figured it would be useful should I ever have to lay out an actual magazine.

However, I’ve come to realize that as valuable as that experience would be, it isn’t worth saddling myself with debt just so I can repeat courses in “creating a journal.” You see, I already took part in the creation of not one but two journals – The Sand Canyon Review (2000, Crafton Hills College, print) and Dune Shack (2003, University of Miami, online).

I won’t count my time as a writer for The Miami Hurricane (2003-2004), The Baltimore Guardian (2011-2012) or Ignore magazine (2004-2007) as none of those would be considered “literary” writing. Note: this is not to say that I haven’t done any literary writing in the years since graduating from UM, it just hasn’t been my primary focus lately…kind of like getting that MFA I came to Baltimore for.

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