A Green Ole Time

I left my apt at 11:40 this holiday morning with four places on my itinerary. I arrived at State Center just before noon, and to my absolute amazement the train was standing-room-only (a lot more “greenies” than I thought in this town).

I had a choice to make when I arrived at Shot Tower station: do I go left and head over to “Global Dandy” at the Reginald F. Lewis museum… or do I head straight up the escalator to see “The Sum of the Parts” at Maryland Arts Place?

I went straight, climbing the stairs into the harsh sunlight and around the corner to past the security guy standing at the entrance to Power Plant Live. I was slightly disappointed he didn’t ask for my ID, but I was even more disappointed when I got to the back of the complex… and found it barricaded off in preparation for the night’s entertainment.

I considered going back towards the Lewis museum, but that would involve too much backtracking. Besides, I was hungry, and I was already on “restaurant row” so…

I left the restaurant just before 1pm, and made my way to the “other” Power Plant. I considered getting an iced coffee at B&N cafe, but I bought a magazine and headed down the promenade. I passed the Aquarium, the line to get in…was an actual line and it stretched almost the entire length of the building. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait in it.

I stopped briefly in Harborplace to get some money from the ATM on the 2nd floor of the Pratt Street pavilion (Tir Na Nog seemed unusually crowded). The line for Ritas Italian Ice was longer than I anticipated… but it was worth the wait.

I finished my Green Apple Misto, and made my way the extra 20 feet to the Circulator stop behind the Visitors Center. I wasn’t about to completely waste my subway fare – I was going to get at least one task done today (holiday not withstanding).

I arrived at the Walters Art Museum at exactly 3pm, and I made my way up to the “Manuscripts Gallery” on the 3rd floor. Both the carpet and wainscoting were a deep purple color, while the walls were painted a cheerful lilac color, but the actual paintings were hung in gold frames with white matting. The level of detail evident in each print was absolutely astounding: his nature scenes featured textures of a pebble or the individual shoots on a branch. You could even see the shadow of the crease in the tablecloth he used in his still lives.

I exited the gallery, and made my way down the main stairway into the courtyard. I was surprised to see all the large poster boards of art produced by local students. I didn’t check which schools were represented, but I saw they had works from grades 1st – 8th grades on display in an equally diverse range of styles (drawings, sketches, illustrations, etc.).

I left the museum at 3:36pm, and slowly walked back to my apt in the strong afternoon sun. The cherry trees along Charles Street were starting to bloom, and a wedding party was getting their pictures taken in front of the monument. I wanted another Green Apple Misto, but I had a story to write…

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