Mid-Season Recap

It wasn’t until I actually sat down to write this post that I realized that out of 19 plays that have opened since January 8th of this year: I’ve only seen 2. Fifty Words and The Brothers Size both at Everyman, and btw – they both SUCKED. This is a shame since they (Everyman) truly are one of the best theatre companies in this city.

It’s not that I’m avoiding other venues, it’s just I have no motivation to see their plays anymore. Sadly, the ones I do want to see are often on the opposite side of town from me (like Coastal Disturbances over at FPCT) where getting back could theoretically be a problem.

Lest you think I’m being lazy, I’ve spent much of my time lately trying to come up with a good name for an arts\culture blog – that hasn’t already been taken. However, I’ve also heard that there is a slight – keyword “slight” – possibility that the (Baltimore) Guardian could come back in some form (probably immediately after my new site is up and running).

In the meantime, those reviews will continue to be posted here…where they’ll continue to get zero page views. 😦

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