Easter Art Hunt

I wanted to leave around 10am, but nothing on my itinerary was open until about 12pm so I left then.

I arrived at Hampden at exactly 12:31pm, and made my way over to the “new” Café Hon. The hostess shows me to a small table shoved between two occupied tables. I take one look at the “improved” menu, gave it back to the waitress and left the restaurant.

I walked a block east on 36th Street to Holy Frijotos, and the one server gave me a menu and took me to a table in the “carry-out” section. Ten minutes a second server appeared and asked if I wanted something to drink. Despite hearing them repeat the phrase “no more then 15 minutes” to their phone customers, it took them over 45 minutes to bring me my grilled chicken sandwich. It took another ten minutes for the original server to toss the check at my table.

Fed up with waiting, I took my check to the bar. The bartender glared at me. “You pay your server,” he said curtly.

“That could take another hour, and I’m kinda on a schedule here.”

“Hey, Mikey, come over here and take this dumbass’ check, so he’ll leave me the fuck alone.”

Server 2 reluctantly stops fucking around with server 1 at the other end of the bar to take my money, and comes back several agonizingly long minutes later with my change (all in $1s, as if I was going to a strip club afterwards). I didn’t bother counting out a tip for nonexistent service.

I left the restaurant, made my way east one block, crossed the street and found at the entrance to Minas Gallery…I found it to be closed. I turned around, and headed back to the light rail station.

I disembarked at Lexington Market at 2:20pm after realizing I had missed my stop. I was heading over to E.M.P Collective to see “Lifetime Subscription” before Friday’s closing. I walked up Howard Street and turned left onto Franklin Street, but couldn’t find the exact storefront. I walked around for several minutes trying to find it before giving up, and heading back to the light rail.

(For the record: E.M.P is located at the Baltimore Street Station, which was just as well since it wasn’t open on Tuesdays anyway.)

I was sitting in the Barnes & Noble café when I remembered that “Art at Top” show in the World Trade Center building less than 200 yards away from my balcony seat. If you’ve read this blog, you know I’m an advocate of “backyard tourism.” The problem is: a show like that, while nice on paper, would detract from the supposed main attraction of the site – the view. Even if it was cloudy, who would pay attention to the paintings anyway?

Cool, I just saved enough to pay for this coffee. 🙂

UPDATE: I was able to get back to Minas Gallery earlier this week. The review of “Time\Space\Manner” is now posted on my other blog. (4/11/12)

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2 thoughts on “Easter Art Hunt

  1. Sorry you missed us! Sara’s show was awesome. You should come back by, we’ve got a great street photog exhibit by Greg Shmigel up Weds-Fri 12-6 thru May 4.

    • I agree it was a interesting show, not what I was expecting but an interesting show. “Just What I See” wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped it would be. 😦 I liked how he got one pic of Baltimore into the show, pity I didn’t like the photo itself. I am still looking foward to “A Brief Narrative History on the Birthing of Rabbits.” 🙂

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