Maryland Film Festival: Day 1

I left the apartment at 11:09am and made my way over to the Ticket Tent at the Maryland Film Festival. It looked like there was a long line of people waiting to get in, but it was simply festival crew handing out programs. Once I got one, I walked right up to the table, gave the woman behind the counter my list and bought my tickets for the weekend – all of them (I was shocked by this, considering how much pre-festival publicity some of these films got).

I left the festival and made my way to the Circulator bus parked one block south of the theater. I boarded, the driver looks up at me, makes a check on his clipboard and then announces that he’ll be back in five minutes.

I wasn’t really timing him as I was working on this post, but we pulled out of Penn Station at 11:47am and ten minutes later, I was walking past the barriers into Flowermart. Like all the other events at the Washington Monument, this event wasn’t very big, but I was able to chat briefly with people at both the CCC and Centerstage tents (both giving away Frisbees with their respective logos on them).

I couldn’t get anywhere near either of the food tents so I walked one block north to the Subway on Madison St. Most of the tables were already taken, but there was no real line to speak of. However, the radio station did break in with a “breaking news alert” about a line of thunderstorms in southern Maryland.

Baltimore City wasn’t specifically mentioned, so I was safe to wander around Flowermart for another hour if I wanted to. But I didn’t, I had to get ready for. I got back to my apt at 1:11pm, and 45 minutes later I left it. I didn’t have to run, but I was walking as quickly as possible, arriving just 2 minutes before the movie was scheduled to start.

The introduction took two minutes, but for some reason the film didn’t start right away. The director got up and started waving his hand at the projection booth, and then finally a festival volunteer came out and said the show would start…and it did.

The first film in this set was Undergrowth, a set of pretty pictures that eventually disintegrate into ugly montage and then when you think something – anything – would actually happen the credits came up.

I’ve already posted a review of the featured film on my other blog, but I will say that it ran longer than I anticipated. In fact, I had a little less than ten minutes to get from the back of the Charles Theater to my next show over at the Wind-Up Space just a block to the north.

I wanted to sit more towards the front, but I ended up taking a seat in the back row. I could barely see the screen through the rows and rows of people in front of me. I have a full review posted here, but it’s beautifully shot hour long documentary…that goes on for about 80 minutes.

The movie got out at 6:04pm, and I made my across the Howard Street Bridge to the Starbucks at the University of Baltimore. It wasn’t raining, but it cloudy and dark nonetheless. I ordered a coffee and a brownie and made my way over to a table in the far corner to start writing my reviews. I considered going back and seeing a third movie, but I figured it probably wasn’t worth it the trouble.

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