Maryland Film Festival: Day 2

The day started out with the biggest, most exciting race of man-powered art through downtown that the city had ever seen, pity I was stuck inside doing laundry all morning.

I finished putting away clothes just in time to head out to my first movie. Fortunately, it was only at MICA so I had plenty of time to get there. As soon as I entered the door, I was immediately cornered by a woman with a clipboard asking me about a survey.

I made my way past people a large group of people milling around on the mezzanine, and took the stairs down to the lobby where I found the line to get into the theater already snaked around the bottom of the staircase almost to the restrooms. When I got to the head of the line, the girl looked at my ticket, and said:

“Oh, you have a paper ticket. This is the e-ticket line, you have to wait in the other line,” she said pointing to the large line snaking up the staircase.

“Th-THAT line?” I said nearly fainting.

“Yep,” she said almost too cheerfully.

I reluctantly make my way back up the steps, following the line across the mezzanine almost to the door I came in just fifteen prior. Fortunately, once they opened the doors, the line moved relatively quickly until the same girl who sent me upstairs ripped the stub off my ticket at the bottom of them.

As with the previous post, I’ve posted a review on my other blog. It was an excellent film, and the feedback that followed was largely positive. The problem was staying for it meant I only had about 20 minutes to write notes before heading off to my next film.

My next movie started well, but then just imploded. Pity since it was one of the most hyped of the festival, but you can read my full review here.

I came out of the theater at 6:04pm, and realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since the previous day. I strongly considered going back to the tent village, buying a ticket to Gayby (8pm, Theater 2) and simply having popcorn for dinner. However, I decided that food was more important.

I walked past McDonalds, and decided to go into Joe Squared instead. The service was decent, but I didn’t get out of there until 7:45. I had officially missed Gayby, but it was okay since I’d already seen Friends with Kids.

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