Maryland Film Festival: Day 3

I spent the entire morning writing. Finishing reviews, writing recaps and when all that was done, it was almost time to head to my first movie.

But first I had to get something quick to eat so I stopped at the McDonalds on North Avenue, and, in a remarkable change from previous experiences there, I actually got what I ordered within a reasonable time frame. Seriously, I got it in 90 seconds; last two times I was there it took them about 15 minutes (no, that’s not an exaggeration)!

I got to the theater in time to find a seat in the expansive 1st theater. Believe me, I am more than happy I chose this film. I feel like I am selling out just writing this, but it was honestly one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to write a review that good without sounding like a shill. I don’t know if I succeeded or not, but you can read my full review here.

The second film I saw wasn’t quite as good. It wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t good either. My complete review is posted on my other blog.

I left the theater at 6:45pm, and made my way down Charles Street towards my apartment so I could finish my reviews and put the festival behind me.

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