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Tourist Trappings

I arrived at the Walters Art Museum just before noon, and I made a point to ask if “Public Property” was a considered a regular free exhibit or a “Special Exhbition” (non-free). The woman behind the counter looked at me like I was nuts, but answered my question in a cordial, professional manner:

“All work on that display is owned by the Walters Art Museum, so, of course, it’s free.”

“So was ‘Mesoamerica,’ and I was still charged for entry. That’s why I had to ask.”

A man standing at the brochure rack turns to me and says: “Look, kid, I’ve been around this world a long time, and the one thing I learned is: never argue with ‘free.’”

Um, thanks for the obvious, unsolicited and utterly clichéd advice

I made my way into the Special Exhibitions gallery – or the back half of it – where the exhibit was being held. I’d say I was underwhelmed, but why repeat myself? I then went upstairs to their “Temporary Exhibits” gallery where I say a slightly smaller, but much better organized show called “Beautiful Women” (same link as above). They were somewhat older than my taste, but then again I’m just a “kid.”

I had a horrible, overpriced lunch somewhere along Charles St (why give them extra publicity?) and then took the Circulator back to Inner Harbor. I crossed McKeldin Square and made my way to the double dragons at the center of the Light Street Pavilion (ignoring the silly carnival act in the amphitheater).

It was a newly opened tourist museum on a Saturday in the middle of summer, so of course there was a line to get into the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium of Baltimore. It didn’t help that the newly hired staff wasn’t accustomed to the register system yet, or that the register they were working at was out of receipt paper. But eventually, I did get in, and you can read my official review here.

It was just after 2:30pm when I left Ripley’s, and I considered revisiting the National Pinball Museum on Water Street (as I had brought my plastic “Play Card” with me), but, frankly, I was tired and had a slight headache and simply decided to walk back to the Light Rail on Pratt Street.

I will say that the new food court in the Light Street Pavilion is coming along quite well, most of the tables have been opened to the public and the various stalls are looking like they were almost finished with most of the signs and equipment installed.

I also want to note that the building Sports Legends\GEM is located appears to be having some exterior work done on it. I’m not sure what all they’re doing, but I look forward to seeing it when it’s done.

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PHOTOS: More Sailabration 2012

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PHOTOS: Sailabration 2012

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Harborplace update

I had lunch at the newly (re)opened Johnny Rockets at Harborplace, which was crowded since it has 5 counter seats and only 3 booths and about zero in-house competition (except for the well-hidden Noodles & Company) as the new food court hasn’t opened yet. Once said food court opens, however, seating at JRs will no longer be an issue (they offer take-out, but table service is only available in their own dining area).

I was also on hand for the opening of the new Ripley’s Odditorium, but I didn’t have my notebook or camera with me so I’ll have to return later this week. The price scheme sounded a bit confusing when I first heard it, but it is actually quite simple. In fact, it’s similar to the National Aquarium: base entry to the museum entry is $18 per person, the 4d film or “Mirror Maze” can be added on for $5 each or you can purchase the “Best Value Combo” and get all three for $28 (for a savings of $0).

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Another one down!

I posted my last theatre review of the season on my other blog!

You know what that means? I SURVIVED!!

Don’t worry, Baltimore stage fans, I plan on returning to theatre blogging next season. The only problem is: What will I do in the mean time?

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