Why Boston?

So, as you probably saw in my previous post, I’m spending the week in Boston. I was even planning on doing superficial descriptions of my various treks across “coffee city” (as that is the name of this blog after all), but there’s nothing I can write here that hasn’t been written in any number of better travel blogs (and a fair share of worse ones).

Which brings me back to my headline: Why Boston?

Because I needed a place to go somewhere – ANYWHERE – not named “Baltimore” during the week leading up to and including Artscape. The actual city didn’t matter as long as it had: a) lots of fun things to do, and b) a half decent transit system (two traits Baltimore decidedly lacks). Besides, I reasoned, Amtrak is a LOT less of a hassle than trying to fly somewhere. The fact that there were absolutely zero plays being produced there this week was just icing (though ironically enough, my hotel is located in the “theatre district”).

This doesn’t necessarily mean I got the itinerary I wanted, but it enabled me to be in town long enough to see other areas of interest like Cambridge (I like the thought of telling people “I went to Harvard”), Provincetown and Salem. Since I’ve already done most of the things I’ve wanted to see in the city proper, I’ll probably have a day “left over,” but I’ll figure out what to do with it later this week.

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