Don’t pigeonhole me, bro!

I started Park\Mosher Media with one goal in mind: producing a portfolio of diverse works that I could be proud to show to any editor or potential client.

The key word there is “diverse.” As much as I might like to be an expert on art or theatre, the last thing I want is to be defined as “just” an art writer or “just” a theatre critic. That’s why I added categories on movies to my art\theatre blog.

While movie\theatre writing took up the majority of my weekends, I wasn’t doing anything during the week (that was theoretically, the idea behind covering art) – so I added the category of games.

The problem is: social media games have absolutely nothing – nothing – to do with that blog’s core mission of “art, movies and theatre in Baltimore.” However, I didn’t want to abandon the topic altogether (remember when I tried covering politics earlier this year, or reality TV a few years back).

Fortunately, I consulted my friends on Facebook and they said I should “make time to do both.” So I have, and thus I decided to launch my latest all gaming blog: “Shitty Social Games.”

I also decided to transfer all the gaming stories I already posted – with their original publication dates. Not only does this provide an instant “archive,” but it also hopefully serves as a starting ground for me to work on projects other than reviews.

I recently started a new “previews” column over at the arts blog, so who knows what I’ll do with this new blog. I may eventually have to write a new introductory post, but I can do that later (preferably after I get a sense of exactly what I’m introducing).

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you continue supporting me in my writing efforts. Servus.

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