My online half-year in review

As most of you know, I’m a freelance writer\photographer by trade and thus spend much of my time writing for my other blog – “Aisle Pass.” This is the list of stories I’ve done in the past six months (the theatre season begins in August).

The half season of theatre: August – December 2012

I don’t have enough material for an “art” or “movies” list. 😦


I also launched a new video game review blog in October.

My list of Android game reviews

My List of Facebook game reviews

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One thought on “My online half-year in review

  1. Ernie Baker

    My God! You’ve been doing this for how long? And how many readers/followers have you got? How’s the world of freelancing? Employers beating a path to your door? No? I can’t imagine why. You seem such a relationship builder… Not many photos, either, considering your self-description as a photographer. Time to give up and get a job that contributes something to the world. Trader Joe’s are always looking for check-out clerks. You DO have a GED, right?

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