Final Friday in Station North

It took slightly less than 20 minutes to get from my apartment in Bolton Hill to the new Annex Theater\Station North HQ on North Avenue. It wasn’t the most impressive space I’ve ever seen, but considering it was only drywall and ceiling beams they could only improve (fortunately painting and moving furniture are two things that can be done relatively quickly).

However since there was no-one there I slid back out and headed into the McDonald’s next door. Who cares if it’s “healthy,” it was next door! Normally, that location takes 10-15 minutes for me to get my order, but today I was lucky as I get my food in less than three (there were five people ahead of me). When I returned to the theater, there was someone inside giving a tour of what little there was to see, but I’m sure it will look different by the time “Macbeth” opens sometime next month.

The walk over to Baltimore Node seemed to take forever, but I eventually made it there. Naturally, they were serving free pizza and Boh in a space that looked like a combination machine shop and frat house. The people there seemed nice enough even if I had no idea what they were talking about which is such a downer since I always considered myself at least somewhat smart.

Next door was the new Station North Tool Library and whose opening was the excuse for holding this little night out. It was exactly like I pictured a tool library to look… except the crowd inside was standing room only. I like the idea of the space, but I hate crowds so I went back to watch little kids set off rockets outside Node.

If I wanted to, I could go all the way back to Charles Street to see a bilingual play about Peruvian miners. Speaking two languages is great, but anyone who’s ever talked to me can tell you that I barely speak one…that is unless I’m talking to myself in which case they can magically understand me perfectly.

Fortunately, there was one other theatrical option in the area, and it was located almost directly behind my apartment. It was the “classic” 1989 musical “Meet Me in St Louis” at Memorial Episcopal. The play was a little overlong with spotty acting, but, on the plus side, I can take Missouri off my “bucket list.”

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